Thoughtfully curated essential oil collections and designed aromatherapy diffusers to elevate your home and wellness.

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How to get started


Set your intention with essential oils

A completely customizable experience, essential oils provide a natural solution to target a variety of wellness goals. Choose your essential oils & set the tone for your day.


Set up your home with a diffuser

As easy as breathing, diffusion is the most effective way to benefit from aromatherapy and fits seamlessly into your life. Choose your diffuser according to your space & let it do the work for you.


Benefit from a proven practice

An ancient practice, aromatherapy taps into the power of plants to benefit our everyday wellness. Historically it’s been used to treat a number of health concerns – withstanding the test of time.

Choose your essential oils

Pure essential oil collections curated to meet your wellness needs.

Choose your diffuser

Diffusers designed with noble materials and thoughtful functionalities – wellness, by design.

The all-rounder
The purist
The ultimate solution
The all-rounder


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With thoughtful design + functionalities, TEO is the perfect choice to ease into aromatherapy.

  • Ultrasonic diffuser: uses water
  • runs up to 6 hours
  • covers 400 sqft.
£82.00 £95.00
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The purist


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With a waterless operation & potent aroma, SOFIA allows for the purest aromatherapy experience.

  • Nebulizer: doesn't use water
  • runs for 2 hours
  • covers 260 sqft.
£107.00 £105.00
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The ultimate solution


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With a bigger water tank, extended run-time & added functionalities, ZOE takes aromatherapy to the next level.

  • Ultrasonic diffuser: uses water
  • runs up to 12 hours
  • covers 1200 sqft.
£132.00 £152.00
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Teo's reviews


I absolutely LOVE this diffuser! As an owner of a other diffusers, I can honestly say that the Teo is MUCH cuter, quieter, and crafted from higher quality materials! This diffuser is one-of-a-kind!

Abbie M.
about Teo diffuser

Great Diffuser

I'm loving this diffuser. It is so easy to use since it doesn't use water. It was definitely worth the money. I don't think other diffusers can compare to this one.

about Sofia nebulizer

I absolutely love Pilgrim diffusers

I absolutely love Pilgrim diffusers. I love how Zoe has enough water to last throughout the night and the remote control makes it very convenient to use when laying in bed. If you're looking for a diffuser, pay for quality and go with Pilgrim.

about Zoe diffuser