Fall into Autumn with these 5 tips

As autumn approaches, days become shorter and schedules can get busy. There’s an opportunity to adjust to the ambiance of the environment and continue making self-care a priority. Ready for cooler days and seasonal changes? Here are our favorite tips for preparing for fall.

Get wardrobe ready

Simplify your wardrobe and prepare for autumn by rotating out summer clothing for fall favorites. Pack up your light summer shorts, dresses, sleeveless or short-sleeved tops. Take inventory of your closet for the fall weather. Fall is a breezy time of year, often associated with warm hues of chocolate, apple red, and orange to name a few. Include these colors in your wardrobe to embrace the season. Stock up on cozy pieces like sweaters, jackets, knit pants, boots and blouses.

Enjoy your favorite fall beverage

Embrace the cool season by indulging in your favorite warm beverages and fall flavors. Whether it’s pumpkin spice or other favorites - like ginger, hibiscus or oolong - the right drink will both warm your body and spirits. Look for teas that offer additional health benefits. Cinnamon tea, for example, reduces inflammation and Peppermint tea is great to wind down with for a great night of sleep.

Practice mindfulness

Dedicate time and space to practice mindfulness. Autumn is a season for transition and change. Aromatherapy can help create balance and lift your mood. Make sure you use a high-quality diffuser. The handmade ceramic and beech wood Teo is an ultrasonic diffuser that fills the space with a mist of essential oils.

Get in the mood

With your diffuser and Aromatherapy in practice, the right oils help set the ambiance for fall. The Uplift Collection helps alleviate anxiety and depression and uplifts the mood.


  • Petitgrain – eases tension and stress

  • Black Spruce – fresh and woodsy; great for respiratory health

  • Bay Laurel – supports wellness