Create a mindful meditation practice

Meditation is an ancient Indian development now widely used to achieve mental clarity and emotional calmness. This practice tunes our body and mind with our environment, training us to be aware, or mindful, of a specific thought. Through meditation, we can reduce pain, increase our internal peace and promote well-being. 

Create a mindful meditation practice with these tips

Meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety and depression, boost energy, and elevate your mood. Boost your well-being by beginning your meditation practice with a few easy steps.

  • Set a daily routine for meditation

  • Set a dedicated time each day for meditation. A daily routine triggers the mind to relax and helps you ease into your practice. Begin by committing to just two minutes for meditation out the day, and then increase your time to five minutes and then ten minutes as you become more comfortable over time.

  • Focus on your breath

    Take a deep breath. Notice how you feel. Breathe in slowly through your nose and hold it in for a couple of seconds. Exhale through your mouth and repeat this exercise as much as you like. Focus on your thoughts as you breathe. Every time your mind begins to shift, bring your attention back to your breath. Over time you will be able to extend the amount of time you spend meditating.

  • Create a space in a quiet environment

  • Find a space in your home for your meditation practice. A corner in a room will be just fine. This space will be dedicated to silence and stillness for mindfulness. This is where you can exist and wind down. Having this space reminds you to be still and be present in your own life. Choose a comfortable place where you can add items that bring you peace and calmness.

  • Set the mood with aromatherapy

  • The sense of smell impacts your environment for stillness and mindfulness. An ultrasonic diffuser like Sofia fills your dedicated space with serenity as you breathe in the day and exhale your thoughts. Incorporating aromatherapy into your meditation practice will bring calmness and peacefulness. The Purity collection cleanses and refreshes the air around you.

    • Lemon – helps reduce anxiety and depression 
    • Peppermint – great for stress, tension, and congestion 
    • Lavandin – boosts self-esteem, confidence, and hope

    Experience the many wellness benefits as you master meditation practice. When you take even just a few minutes out the day to pause a moment, breathe, and redirect your thoughts, you’ll gain perspective. You’ll be equipped to handle daily life stressors in a manner that facilitates self-awareness and an overall sense of emotional well-being.