Organization is everything!

Add simplicity and ease to your life by cleaning, decluttering and organizing.

Start by purging

Start the organization process by getting rid of anything that no longer works for you. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn or that no longer fit. Discard old papers and bills. Pass on unused household items and things that you may be holding onto that no longer serve a purpose. If you don't love an item, or you haven't worn it in more than a year, it may be time to let it go.

Create a space for everything

Notice how you use day-to-day items and make sure you create a 'home' for them. Things like mail and magazines often don’t have a dedicated space so they end up being thrown about.  Adding extra storage ensures all items can be neatly put away. Evaluate items that never seem to have a place and decide where they will be kept. Make space for items that are used often like keys and jackets.


Keep at it

One rule of thumb when cleaning and purging, is to keep items moving so things don’t pile up. Some people find it helpful to discard one item for every new item that's purchased. Many charities and organizations are in need of lightly-used household items and gently-worn clothing for the less fortunate. 

Another source of clutter can be paper and junk mail. Take some time each week to clean out bags and purses. Discard junk mail immediately and file bills and other paperwork on a a regular basis.

Strength + Sofia

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