Easy ways to reduce anxiety with essential oils

Between the 24/7 news cycle, job demands and the day-to-day tasks of being an adult, it’s not unusual to feel anxiety. Here are some easy ways to combat those feelings.

Practice self cares

Take time to do something for yourself. Take a walk, get a manicure or a massage. Even activities like reading a book or journaling can be helpful in reducing your overall anxiety levels.   

Spend time with friends

Talk to friends or individuals you trust about things that that may be bothering you. Engage in activities with friends. The support of loved ones and family can boost your confidence. Spending time with four-legged friends can also be comforting. 


Using essential oils in a diffuser, in addition to making your home smell wonderful has many other benefits. Through inhalation or topical use, they can be instrumental in alleviating stress and  anxiety. 

Reduce Stress

The Purify Collection cleanses & refreshes and is great for stress.

  • Lemon – helps reduce anxiety and depression
  • Peppermint – great for stress, tension, and congestion
  • Lavandin – boosts self-esteem, confidence, and hope