Why is Aromatherapy Important? Here’s 6 Ways to relieve stress.

Pilgrim Collection turns your home into an oasis by combining their thoughtfully designed diffusers with this natural ancient practice. But what exactly makes aromatherapy so important and how can we integrate it into our lives? Here's 6 reasons why a little mist-action is good.


 Ok. Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba are big fans, but what exactly is aromatherapy? 

It's the natural and ancient practice of using essential oils as curative treatments for physical and psychological well-being. The easiest and most effective process for this? Diffusion. The dispersion of the oils into the air allows for inhalation and for the oils to travel straight to the brain. Pilgrim Collection offers two types of aromatherapy diffusers: ultrasonic & nebulizer.


 Sure - but why should I diffuse?

No risk, and all the reward. The great thing about starting aromatherapy now is that you're getting a step up on managing any wellness issue associated with urban living – whether stress, mood boosting, increasing immune system or if you’d simply like to relax and sleep better at night. It's a versatile practice that addresses many concerns at once & brings a little nature to your concrete jungle.


Aromatherapy isn't only good for you, but also for Mother Earth! Essential oils are all derived from plants, flowers and fruits. Earth friendly oils need earth friendly diffusers. Pilgrim Collection diffusers are all made of noble materials including FSC-certified wood, handmade ceramic and glass, and BPA-free plastic. 


 I have a pretty busy day. Is this just another thing I’ll have to remember to do?

We get you! Our days get pretty hectic too – the nicest thing about using an aromatherapy diffuser is that it's the easiest & most effortless step you'll need to take for your well-being. It's literally the push of a button away.

Pilgrim Collection takes into consideration the busy lives we lead and has designed their products with added functionalities based on consumer feedback. Their Zoe diffuser comes with a remote control and what's practical for your life, like timers and auto-stop in case you forget to turn your device off.


 Sounds practical, but who do I trust?

The most difficult step in the decision making process. With 4.5 stars on Amazon, a Top-Choice diffuser in Teo, and a successful Indiegogo campaign, Pilgrim Collection is a user-loved brand. Their aromatherapy diffusers blend functional & beautiful, so your home can not only feel like an oasis through diffusion, but can also look like one.

They also call their offices in Hong Kong home base – exactly where the production happens. This way their weekly factory visits ensure that they are involved in all stages of product development and that all their diffusers are meeting your needs, wherever you call home.


 Say I’m interested - which diffuser is best for me?

One of the best things about aromatherapy is that it can be an entirely personalized experience  from the essential oils you choose to the type of diffuser that works best with your lifestyle. 


Pilgrim Collection offers two kinds of diffusers. Nebulizers don't use water which makes it a more potent type of diffusion. If that's too strong for you, look no further than an ultrasonic diffuser – like their Teo diffuser, a best-seller and one of Amazon’s Top Choices - which requires water and offers both humidifying qualities for dry air and can extend the life of your essential oils.


 Fantastic! How do I start?

Super easy! Once you've chosen a diffuser based on your needs, select an area of your wellness you'd like to focus on for improvement. What essential oils you use depend on what you’re looking to achieve.

Alternatively, kick start your aromatherapy practice with Pilgrim Essential Oil collections. The ‘Starter’ collection for example includes oil blends helpful for relaxation, air purification and mind clarity. Add a few drops into your diffuser of choice and let the oils take care of you.