What materials are used to make the aromatherapy diffusers?
      • Great question! We pride ourselves on providing quality and secure materials for all our diffusers. Teo, Sofia and Zoe feature handmade ceramic and glass covers and bases made of FSC-certified wood (Oak and Beech wood). Alpha and Eva are made of BPA-free PET.
        What is this FSC certification?
          • We thought you might be curious! FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It guarantees that our suppliers promote environmentally safe, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.
            So, ALL the materials you use are environment friendly?
              • We wish the answer was yes. Unfortunately, due to lack of alternatives, some parts of the diffuser are made with Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). But don’t worry, we always make sure it’s BPA-free! 

              Ok, but what does BPA-free mean?

              • BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to produce plastic products. Unfortunately, it's been reported that BPA can leach from containers into liquids (and foods) and pose a potential health risk. Naturally, we chose not to use any in our products and guarantee all of them are BPA-free.



              What is all this “alternative” and “adaptive” jargon? Let's explain:

              • The “adaptive light” enables you to adjust the light to a low or high setting – allowing you to create the type of environment you prefer for your home.
              • The “adaptive mist” allows you to adapt the intensity of the mist output. Set the mist to a high or low volume as you please.
              • The “alternative mist mode” is a mist output setting of 30 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF. All our diffusers have this setting option except for the Sofia. The Sofia’s only mist mode is: 2 minutes ON, 2 minutes OFF.
              • The “mediation light” is a light setting that creates the light intensity to repeatedly go slowly up and then down, simulating a relaxed breath pattern.


              Where are the diffusers made?

              • Our diffusers are designed in Italy and Belgium and assembled in China. Our assembly line is BSCI certified (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and is among ISO quality standards (International Organization for Standardization).

              What’s included with my diffuser order?

              • All our diffusers come with user manuals for instructions and an adaptor. Additionally, the Zoe includes a remote control and the Sofia includes 2 glass reservoirs.

              What happens if I break the cover or glass tank of my diffuser?

              • Don’t fret! Spare covers and glass reservoir replacements are available for purchase for USD 30. 

              Is there any warranty on my diffuser?

              • Yes! All our devices include a 1-year warranty. Please contact us at info@pilgrimcollection.com for more details.