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Aromatherapy & Sleep

One of the most elusive things in life can be the feeling of a good nights rest. Aromatherapy is a natural and proven practice that addresses the main sources of sleep disturbance:
  • Stress – Essential oils are not just scents, they are therapeutic. Oils including Ravintsara affect the olfactory bulbs and the limbic system that can help induce a relaxed state.
  • Anxiety – Studies have shown that Lavender essential oil reduces anxiety levels and increases sleep quality.
  • Insomnia – Essential oils such as Red Mandarin are reported to have a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression, encouraging a feeling of positivity.
Essential oils chosen for their sleep-promoting properties.
We created a collection of 3 essential oils, each chosen for its natural ability to help with sleep-related issues, and because of their complementary properties. They work together, for you.
Tapping into the most natural body activity: breathing.
An effortless addition to your nighttime routine, as aromatherapy diffusion relies on the one thing you never stop doing: breathing.
Thoughtfully crafted diffusers.
We design diffusers that don’t look out of place in your bedroom and that don't interfere with your sleep. Looking to ease into your nights sleep? Try the ambient light for a soft glow.
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“I usually don't do reviews, but this was such a good find I wanted to pass it on. I love the modern design of this diffuser. It is simple and ingenious and I use it every night with my lavender oil. I put in 10 drops and let it run all night. It has a nifty safety feature that turns off so you don't burn it dry. And did I say it was more affordable than most. I have shopped plenty and settled in this little gem.”
- Caroline, VA

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Your aromatherapy SLEEP bundle includes:

  • TEO Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • REST Essential Oil Collection
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  • TEO Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • Technology: ultrasonic diffuser
    ultrasonic diffusers create vibrations to break the mix of essential oil + water, and disperse it in a fine mist. TEO works with all pure essential oils.
  • Materials: ceramic cover + beech wood base
  • Includes a US power plug
  • Run time: 3h continuous | 6h intermittent
  • Coverage area: 400 sqft
  • Mist modes: continuous + intermittent
  • Light modes: ambient + meditation
  • Timer + Autostop functions
  • REST Essential Oil Collection
100% pure organic essential oils, selected for their natural properties and, through the practice of aromatherapy, their ability to restore sleep patterns:

    Lavender (lavandula angustifolia, France)
    Best known to induce sleep and relaxation with calming effects on both body & mind

    Red Mandarin (citrus nobilis, Italy)
    Supports feelings of positivity and wellbeing for a restful night’s sleep

    Ravintsara (cinnamomum camphora, Madagascar)
    Encourages regenerative sleep by alleviating feelings of tension, stress & anxiety

    Includes: 3x 0.34 fl. oz | 10 ml glass bottles